“I have experienced quite a bad traumatic episode in my life this year and your gentle, soothing yoga sessions gave me lots of positive energy and a fresher outlook every time I was there…I will miss this. You are an extremely good teacher and I hope that you continue to touch many lives in such a positive way…I sense that many others who attend your classes feel the same way”. Anonymous, North Wales.

“Dear Ulrike, Thank you so much again for letting me attend one of your classes. It was really very inspiring and you are a great teacher. The class was just what I needed, a break from my busy life, grounding myself with breath work and postures. I would be so interested in hearing more about the affirmations you were using. They were really special! I also liked the chanting at the end. My normal classes are non spiritual and I do really like this element as I feel it connects me on a more holistic level – as you said, connecting us with the universe. Thank you again! Namaste, J”